The Politics Of Snacking

Clay slipped a bag of potato chips into the shopping cart.

“Caught you!” Dara announced as she added boxes of cookies and crackers.

She grabbed the potato chip bag. “There are loaded with fat. Mom trusts us to pick out good stuff to eat. That includes snacks.” Dara and Clay did the family grocery shopping every other week.

Clay pointed to the bag. “The big yellow letters on the front say ‘Fat-Free,’ They’re baked, not deep-fried, and have no fat.”

“Nice save,” said Dara.

Clay grinned. “Bet Mom will be pleased with us. Lots of healthy eating here.”

“Good choices,” Mrs. Lawson praised her two teens as they unpacked the groceries at home.

She stared at four boxes of cookies. “Why so many cookies?”

“They’re fat-free. We can snack on a lot of them,” Dara answered.

Mrs. Lawson shook her head and laughed. “Fat-free doesn’t give you the license of pig out!”

Fat-Free = Calorie-Free?

Fat adds taste to foods. To compensate for the missing flavor of fat, fat-free desserts and snacks often contain extra sugar and salt. The sugar increases the calorie count so that many fat-free foods contain nearly as many–or even more–calories than the original dessert or snack. Fat-free, then, does NOT mean eat as much as you want. It’s OK to treat yourself to fat-free desserts occasionally, but they offer few vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Dara’s crackers say that they’re fat-free. However, popular snack foods, such as crackers, chips, pretzels, and packaged popcorn, can contain large amounts of salt. Pretzels and some brands of popcorn, for example, often contain up to 950 milligrams of sodium per serving. That’s high.

Today, we can choose from a wide variety of low-fat and no-fat snacks. Many are better for you. But they still contain calories. People gain weight from eating too many calories, not just from eating fat. So it’s best not to pig out, even though they’re low-fat or no-fat.

Juicy Truths

“No soda snacks this week!” Clay pulled out a jar of juice.

Mrs. Lawson picked up a bottle. “You’re got the right idea. But let’s look a little closer.”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates food and requires that the actual amount of juice appear on the side nutrition panel of juice containers. Read the label to find out whether it’s 100 percent fruit juice. Many “juice” drinks contain little fruit juice–some only 5 percent to 10 percent.

What else is in those bottles and cans? Sugar and water! These beverages may cost as much as 100 percent fruit juice, so you pay a lot for sugar water. But even though these drinks are more sugar water then fruit, they’re still healthier than pop or soda.

Try quenching your thirst with frest fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, grapes, or melons. You’ll get added nutritional benefits such as fiber.


Up to 20 percent of your daily nutrient needs can come from snacks. Snacking has become a way of life for many busy families. Americans spend $13.4 billion a year on snack foods such as crackers, chips, and pretzels. Snacks also keep you from getting so hungry you overeat at your next meal.

You can benefit from snacking, but don’t fall into the habit of eating the same foods every day. Eating a variety of foods is the best way to meet your nutritional requirements. Snacks sometimes substitute for, rather than supplement, regular meals and may not provide the variety of nutrients you need. For example, a soda after school that replaces milk at lunch would mean a reduced amount of calcium that day.

Snacks high in fiber are good choices. They stimulate saliva, which helps wash away excess sugar in the mouth, accumulated naturally or from eating sugary snacks. This reduces the chances of tooth decay. High-fiber snacks include popcorn, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole-grain foods.

Snack Sleuthing

Snacking can become a problem if it results in more calories than needed. Obesity often starts during the teen years. So, sensible, healthy snacks are a good idea.

Do your own sleuthing for healthy snacks by reading food labels. Food labels list ingredients; sugar, fiber, and fat content: cholesterol and sodium; plus important vitamins and minerals. Look for healthy snacks that will supply part of your total dietary needs for vitamins A and C, folic acid, fiber, and minerals, especially calcium. Empty snacks–those with little or no nutritional value–are easy to spot when zero percent is listed on the food label for essential nutrients.

You might want to set your own snack guidelines. For example, if a snack’s:

* fat content is more than 5 grams per serving,

* cholesterol is more than 60 milligrams (mg) per serving, or

* sodium level is higher than 480 mg per serving, consider eating something else.

Choose snacks from different food groups–low-fat milk or low-fat yogurt teamed with a few graham crackers, an apple, or raisins. Vegetables and fruits are good choices. For crunchy snacks, try some dry cereal, rice cakes, baked chips or tortillas, bread sticks, or unbuttered popcorn.

You don’t need to give up your favorite dessert or snacks. If you eat smart at meals, desserts and chips are OK for occasional snacking. They key is balance–don’t eat too much of any one thing. And read the food labels to plan for snack attacks.

RAID 10 Recovery Is Different From Other Levels

rrlThe levels of RAID are all different from one another. This is because of different methods and strategies used in the RAID levels. These levels are distinct in terms of the patterns of data storage and ease in controlling the situations of data loss. RAID 10 recovery is included in the complex recovery methods of data loss. The lower levels of RAID disks are the simple levels. On the other hand, the higher levels of RAID are the complex levels that involve difficult categories and steps of RAID.

Depending upon the levels of RAID disks, the recovery methods are selected. RAID 10 recovery includes so many steps and procedures. People can choose the multiple levels of configuring RAID systems. The system is made with several disks and when problems occur in the functionality and working of drives, it results in data loss problems. When the disks are failed, the whole system can be copped up according to the replacement of troubled disk. The replacement of corrupted and damaged disk is done so that the troubled disk can be rebuilt to get the lost data back in the drive. Good RAID 10 recovery methods include same easy and simple steps and procedures.

Taking Care Of RAID Drives

When it comes to RAID, various disks are supposed to have the performances of an individual disk. It can largely increase the speed, safety and the performance of a particular business area. However, this does not mean that data crushes may not occur, but it is important to be prepared, and know what steps to make. On the other hand, in order to avoid the RAID repair, one must know how to keep the RAID healthy.

RAID is well-known reliable tool, but some backups must be done, so regular maintenance is a must. Therefore, just one software can be good enough when it comes to take care of RAID configuration. Knowing where is a problem can be very helpful, and if one learns some basics, he can easily use simple tools and do small recoveries. In case there is no tool that can work, it is better to let the professional do the RAID repair. Sometimes, using a software instead of hardware RAID can be a better solution, and thanks to it, many errors can be avoided. In order to have the RAID always work properly, one should invest some money in it, since it can also save the money that may be used for repairs.

Naturopaths: The Real Deal Or Shady Witchdoctors?

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Abused Woman Finds Hope On The Other Side

awfhoOn the bad nights of their childhood, the sisters would huddle together on the double bed they shared and try not to hear the angry adult voices that shot through the house like shards of glass. Nicole, who was 6, would pull her legs up under her nightgown and begin to cry. Angela, 10, would wrap her arms around her baby sister’s shoulders. “It’ll be okay,” Angle would whisper as she stroked the younger girl’s hair with her own small hands. “It’ll be okay.” But it wasn’t okay. Too often the arguing escalated into screams, sobs, threats of violence, and the dull, pillowy sound of hitting. At those times, the girls knew they had to be quiet as mice or the rage and the hitting might be turned m their direction.

In the daytime, their lives almost seemed normal. After school, the sisters would play together in the front yard of their tract house in San Antonio. They had what they called The Kisses Club, named after Angie’s dog, Kisses. Activities consisted mainly of playing tag, hopscotch, and hide-and-seek. But at night, things were different. At night, Jean Paul Gabor, Nicole’s father and Angle’s stepfather, unleashed his demons.

When Nicole was 11, she started keeping a diary. The entries, which date from Continue reading

Resolutions Can Cause Pollutions!

rccpSince ancient times, September has marked the beginning of the real new year, a time for reflection, reconnection, and resolution. When the trees start to don a rustic palette of russets and golds, it’s time to turn over a personal new leaf and begin again.

“What we need in autumn is…an emotional or spiritual shot in the arm,” Katharine Elizabeth Fite wrote in Good Housekeeping in 1949, urging our mothers to dream up positive resolutions. “Why don’t we make the effort that would provide something new in our lives?”

Rediscovering what you love–your authentic passions–always boosts the spirits. I have a friend who has decided to make good on an old promise to herself–she’s signed up for a course in botanical illustration. Another friend is joining a book club. What about you? Would you like to master Thai cooking, or learn how to raise Continue reading

The Geekiest Pants Ever

tgpePants, which were heavily featured in the fall runway shows by such designers as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, are making their way down to the moderate market, emerging as one of the season’s hot fashion categories.

Moderate-price sportswear firms are showing more pants and fewer skirts, a category with which the marketplace has been oversaturated, according to some sources. Manufacturers are also going beyond the basic pull-on pants, offering a variety of silhouettes and fabrics, from flat-front, slim-leg pants to animal-print drawstring pants.

One of the main reasons for all this, say moderate sportswear firms, is the casual trend taking hold in the workplace. Continue reading